Tattoo Photography

Dallas-based tattoo artist deanna james was packing her needles and ink to head to Oklahoma — where tattoo parlors were still …

Aside from having perfect mementos of body ink, tattoo photography is also a special way of appreciating and showcasing tattoos, since being a walking canvas rarely provides other people a close inspection of the skin art.

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I suggest using a fixed millimetre lens for standard tattoo photography. A fixed lens is known to be much sharper and generally higher quality than a zoom lens. A …

Jul 19, 2019 … The complete Tattoo photography guide for all the Tips, Tricks, Camera Settings, Camera gear for photographing Tattoes. How to get best tattoo …

Theory Tuesdays: How To Improve Your Tattoo PhotosRick Fichter has posted over 8,000 photographs of Cardinals, representing the lives lost to COVID-19 in New Jersey. Community …

Nov 1, 2016 … Many years later I drifted into photographing people and their tattoos, perhaps subconsciously re-exploring the interest that started as a small boy.

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Born in Los Angeles, Richard is recognized internationally as one of the world’s premier Tattoo photographers. He was first introduced to the world of tattoo by the late Arnold Ruben in 1987 at the National Tattoo Associations Convention while working on a book for the Museum of Cultural History entitled The Marks of Civilization.

Tattoo photography is a fun and statement-making facet of portrait photography. And we’ve put together the ultimate guide to photographing ink to make it easier! And we’ve put together the ultimate guide to photographing ink to make it easier!

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Jan 19, 2018 … I love reading your comments and having your opinion. Stay tuned to see our trip to the Zwickau tattoo convention in Germany. Cheers!!

Vanessa Hong just posted a drop-dead gorgeous video of herself topless while showing off a small tattoo on her hip. The 36-year-old model and fashion designer with over 600,000 followers, has spent …

Mar 28, 2016 … Download your "Photographing Fresh Tattoos" Checklist here Thanks for Chris Fitzgerald for sharing his huge brain.

The markings on some modern Dyaks, on the left is Ernesto Kalum, represent "a modern interpretation of traditional headhunting tattoos," says photographer Chris rainier. (chris rainier

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