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His work centers on comparative crop research, and one of his main iot tools to make those comparisons is drone photography. Photographs can be … can automatically class them by size and even make a …

Whether your drone is collecting dust or you’ve just opened the box, this class provides the essentials to fall in love with drone photography and videography. From legal restrictions to selecting and operating a drone and accessories, this class covers all the basics of aerial photography with a drone.

A lineup of aerial hardware stacks to fit a variety of enterprise photography and video use cases. Photography and cinema …

Esteemed filmmaker, Philip Bloom, has a good amount of experience using DJI drones in his work. Now he’s hands-on with the …

The photography and videography trades alone have already and will continue to see major transformations as multirotors are used as flying cameras. Business is becoming aware of these options and paying attention to the additional dimension drone work can offer. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this new "drone" economy.

Aerial Photography Classes Browse the photo & video catalog for Aerial & Drone classes to watch on-demand . Own the classes you love. Randy Braun & Stacy Garlington are pioneers in drone photography. Both worked with DJI during the formative years of the company, leading the Aerial Still-Photography Development Team.With extensive backgrounds in both the drone & photography

Learn the best drone photography tools and techniques from a top-rated Udemy instructor. Whether you’re interested in the basics of drone photography, using a drone for content creation, or planning an aerial photography and mapping business, Udemy has a course to get you flying.

Drone U: Comprehensive Aerial Photography Class aka Drone PhotographyThe rising demand for drones in the market has driven some of the great innovators to come up with a wide array of innovative …

Scavenger Hunt Photography Fashion Portrait Photography In most parts of the world, life has turned upside-down over the past few months. People are staying in their homes, freedom … studio lighting class learn to set up studio lighting and take professional portraits photography with classes led by working photographers. Try a free photography lighting lesson. This demonstration-based workshop

With extensive backgrounds in both the drone & photography industries, they have harnessed and packaged the skills of successful drone photography to share with you. Randy & Stacy have presented drone photography classes at the world’s preeminent industry conferences, including:

Photography Light Table Videography Course Online video making courses from the New York Institute of Photography teach you how to make videos online and become a videographer. Sound quality is also something videographers need to be mindful of … breaking the fourth wall and others. There are courses across the world that go through these abstract concepts in

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